Experience Designer & Strategist

Hello. I’m Ben Rowe

I’m a user experience designer and product strategist. I’ve worked for over 15 years in UX, web and marketing roles.

I’m a UX generalist with a nerd-like passion for all things internet-ty.

I’m currently working as a Senior UX Designer with ANZ Bank.

I’ve helped improve the online experiences across a wide range of projects and products.

Product & Experience Strategy

I’m passionate about the bigger picture, and love the strategic side of product design and UX.

Interaction Design

I use whatever tools needed to craft the right words, interactions and user flow to create frictionless experiences.

Minimum Delightful Product

I’m all for a lean and fast launch, but not at the expense of quality and customer delight.

Content & Microcopy

My marketing background has sharpened my dedication to creating great copy and content.

Large corporates, Tiny side projects, and everything in-between.

Contact me to talk about new opportunities, or just grab a coffee.

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