Experience Designer & Product Strategist

Hello. I’m Ben Rowe.

I’m a passionate user experience designer, product strategist, and manager.
I have over 12 years experience in UX, product and digital roles.

Feel free to contact me, check out some of the projects that I’ve worked on, or just hang around and read my blog.

I’m currently working as a Senior UX Designer with ANZ Bank.

I’ve helped improve the experiences of a wide range of online projects and products.

CX Team Leader

I lead a team that work across multiple agile development squads.

UX and Interaction Design

I specialise in sketching and prototyping interfaces that are simple to use and promote customer loyalty.

Product & Experience Strategy

I’m experienced in creating a strategy and vision for both small and large products.

Design System Thinking

I’ve helped build re-usable pattern libraries and atomic design systems.

Onboarding experiences

I’m passionate about creating a great first impression for your customer.

Journey Mapping

I’ve worked on customer journey and experience maps to document the end-to-end experience.

Minimum Delightful Product

I’m all for a lean and fast launch, but not at the expense of quality, usability and customer delight.

Data Driven Research

I’m a big fan of quant research, and using data to drive decisions.

Large corporates, tiny side-projects, and everything in-between.

I’m always keen to discuss new opportunities, talk about design, or just chat over coffee.

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