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Create a trusting experience

Posted: July 19, 2016-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Culture, Design

Here’s something I’ve noticed about public transport in Melbourne, versus Tokyo. The first photo is of Flinders St. station, here in Melbourne. Our public transport ticketing gates are shut at all times. You have to swipe your ticket to get through them. This feels like an untrusted experience. It gives the message that “You can’t be trusted, until you […]

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Tobias Frere-Jones: Break Things Deliberately

Posted: July 9, 2016-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Creativity, Design

Break things down and then walk into the mess with all of your senses turned up. Then, and only then, will you find something amazing in all of the wreckage. This was a great 20 minute talk on creativity by legendary Type Designer, Tobias Frere-Jones. Tobias Frere-Jones: Break Things Deliberately – 99U

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It’s not you. Bad doors are everywhere.

Posted: February 27, 2016-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Design, User Experience

This video, from Vox media and 99% Invisible is all that encapsulates why I love what I do: User centred design.

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Best product demonstrations online …

Posted: November 25, 2015-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Delight, Design, Marketing

Come from Freitag. Every single one of them is awesome.

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Sushi Bath Towels

Posted: April 2, 2015-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Design

Great concept for folding sushi roll towels, by designer Jenny Pokryvailo. via Colossal.

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The Shape of Stories

Posted: March 7, 2015-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Culture, Design, User Experience

“The fundamental idea is that stories have shapes which can be drawn on graph paper, and that the shape of a given society’s stories is at least as interesting as the shape of its pots or spearheads.” Kurt Vonnegut I stumbled across “The Shape of Stories”, a rejected thesis idea by Kurt Vonnegut that illustrates […]

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Posted: January 21, 2014-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Design

Love this Toilet signage – Goodbeer Faucets in Hakata, Japan. (via Spoon & Tamago)

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How Designers Destroyed the World

Posted: December 31, 2013-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Design

Mike Monteiro’s talk from Webstock this year is nothing short of brilliant.

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