Uiuc Telecommuting Agreement

Upon notification of an injury in the workplace, superiors immediately notify all employees, including those who may participate in telework, of their right to submit a violation report to the University of Illinois. Similarly, the worker should be ordered to apply to the Office of Claims Management and Workers` Compensation for specific instructions on what to do in the event of an accident at work or injury, as well as in designated medical facilities where treatment is offered. 4. All teleworking arrangements shall be concluded for a period to be determined by the supervisory authority, subject to an extension at the end of the agreed period. For first-party agreements with new teleworkers, it is recommended that the initial period be set at a period of 90 to 180 days during which the benefits of telework, both for the worker and the employer, can be assessed before a longer-term agreement is concluded. 5. The employee and manager agree on the number of days of telework allowed each week, the work plan that the employee will usually follow, and the nature and frequency of communications. The employee agrees to be reachable by telephone, text, e-mail, conferences/e-mails or any other electronic means during the agreed work plan. The workplace injury of a telework is treated in the same way as a workplace injury to any other employee during the course of employment and the importance of the job. When the employee works from home or at another authorized off-site site, the term “course and extent of employment” is limited to the times and locations described in the telework contract. The employee`s place of work from home is an extension of their office or main job.

Injuries occurring off-site during agreed working hours are covered by the worker`s compensation, as is an injury if it had occurred at the on-site workplace. Restrictions 22. Teleworkers who are not exempt from the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act must record all hours worked in a manner defined by the organization. Hours exceeding the hours indicated per day and per week of work require the prior authorization of the hierarchical superior, in accordance with the requirements of the State and the State. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in termination of the telework contract. 23. These telework guidelines should not be applied to higher education employees represented by collective bargaining units without prior discussion with the human resources services system and trade union representatives. If a telework agreement is being considered for a unionized employee, contact System Human Resource Services for advice on appropriate measures. 3.

If the employee and manager agree to a telework agreement, a telework agreement is prepared and signed by all parties and the agreement begins. General terms and conditions of telework agreements A completed telework contract form is attached and copies should be sent to the human resources department. In addition, any use of university equipment off campus must be documented on the attached OBFS form. The University of Illinois system offices consider telecommuting to be a viable alternative work arrangement in cases where individual, professional, and hierarchical characteristics are appropriate for such an agreement. Telecommuting allows an employee to work from home or at another authorized remote location for all or part of their regular work week….