Scheduling Agreement Meaning

In this SAP SD tutorial, we will talk about delivery plans in SAP Sales and Distribution. You will learn what SAP SD delivery plans are for and how to create them. We provide screenshots and instructions relevant to this process. A delivery plan is usually an addendum or supplement to a contract, although you can write a delivery plan into the contract yourself. Your delivery plan describes the schedule by which you receive goods, make payments, accept deliveries, or perform other recurring tasks broken down in your contract. The delivery of the total quantity of materials indicated in a delivery plan heading is spread over a specified period in a delivery plan consisting of lines indicating the different quantities with the corresponding expected delivery dates. The main points to consider in the context of a framework contract are: Press to know the current status of the delivery contract: Status of the delivery plan contract The contract is a draft contract and does not contain a delivery date of the material. A framework contract is a long-term sales contract with a seller that contains conditions for the material to be delivered by the seller. A framework contract can consist of the following two types – Here the Ship-to-Party A7000 has two deliveries that 30000053 against the delivery plan number we previously created. These deliveries are due on 4 November 2016 and 10 November 2016 respectively. SAP futures contracts in the delivery plan are included in an integration model and have their checkbox and a set of options in the CIF.

Delivery plans (in SAP APO) become only a source of supply.