Sales Consultant Agreement India

In such cases, it is always better to enter into a contract with the advisor. This clause describes the start date and duration of the advisor`s services. Add the geographic area (e.g. state/country) in which the sales advisor sells the company`s products or services. A precise and concise definition of the territory covered by the agreement is essential. For example, territory is a factor in the application of the provisions of the non-competition clause of the agreement. In addition, legal advice is tailored to the specific area, so it is important to understand the area in which the consultant will work to know the rights and obligations of your company. Confidentiality. It goes without saying that the company must be sure that the consultant must keep confidential all economically sensitive information and, to do this, a clause is necessary. 6. [Explain that the sales consultant is responsible for paying his or her own taxes on the compensation received.] Under the terms of the agreement, the consultant works on an independent basis and submits invoices to the company about his fees and expenses. 2. .