Enforcing A Divorce Settlement Agreement

That is why I insist on the importance of entering the divorce process with as little marital debt as possible. Your best bet is to protect yourself BEFORE someone has the opportunity to ruin your creditworthiness, or before you are forced to take the steps to get a divorce agreement. The other way to change a custody agreement is through the courts. A parent can apply to amend the custody agreement, often seeking sole custody or primary custody. However, to amend the current plan, the applicant parent must prove that such an amendment is justified by a “substantial change in circumstances”. Any change in a co-parent`s household that could endanger or harm the children would be a good reason to seek a change. Participation in mediation or arbitration proceedings may lead the parties to waive proceedings before a formal court. The financial costs to the parties can also be reduced if they are able to get a comparison. Overall, parties to alternative dispute resolution have more control over the pace and nature of their problems than they might be granted in the court system.

There is no reason for what is called the “boilerplate language”. Check and modify it according to your needs. The boilerplate language is usually a standard language or paragraph that is found in most, if not all, chords of a particular type. For example, the boilerplate language can address what should happen if certain circumstances arise or where the right jurisdiction for future disputes lies. The boilerplate language may also contain certain disclosures required by law. Even though this language may seem irrelevant at the time of the agreement, it adds an extra layer of protection in case of future problems. Sometimes the presence of the language can make the difference between the validity or cancellation of the agreement. Hello Cathy. I divorced and the deal was that he had to pay R3000 per month at 10% per year.

We both sign the agreement. In 2019, it did not give an increase. Since December 2019 he has paid R1000 and February, June and July 2020 nothing has been paid to me. Over the years he gave me only R300.00 per month and not ex: 3600 x 10% = 360 R3960. .