Basic Beat Lease Agreement

How do you protect yourself as an artist? First ask the producer if the rhythm has already been exploited. Take a moment to do some Google research at the producer to see what happens. Use Shazam to see if it is displayed as connected to other tracks. And of course, you always read the Beat Lease Agreement to see what it says, if at all, about previous uses of rhythm. If you are represented by a lawyer or if you have sufficient knowledge to do it yourself, add to the agreement insurance and guarantees, that is, promises, which stipulate that the producer actually owns the rhythm and that he or she will compensate you, that is, he will reimburse you damages if someone sues you because of your use of the beat. If you buy a beat, you are buying material protected by the respective manufacturer. With this purchase comes a certain margin of maneuver and rights that the producer grants you on the rhythm. This is called the license agreement. Unlike beat-leasing options, the exclusive right to a beat gives you total freedom – the number of music videos you can use with for-profit shows, audio games, and gives you an unlimited distribution limit of your master recording. Define as much as possible the financial terms of the agreement. If you are playing the music for a certain amount, indicate this amount, indicate who must pay and indicate when the payment is due and to whom the cheque must be written. If you get a percentage of the revenue generated by the music used by your beats, provide the exact percentage and other details of the revenue participation model.

These are Google`s results that are rendered by a search for “beat-leasing” contracts. Where the artist can enjoy the rhythm, the “territory” is called. If the Beat rental agreement mentions an area, as an artist, you should make sure that you have worldwide or worldwide right to use the rhythm for the duration of the rental. In the digital world, and especially in the context of beat lease agreements, it is not very wise to limit the territory to a single country. If they are victims of a poorly mixed rhythm, a mixed engineer can only do so many things. If you bring him a poorly mixed rhythm, he can only give you a polished and poorly mixed song….