Australia New Zealand Pension Agreement

A reference to a benefit covered in this article with respect to Australia is an annuity, benefit or allowance paid in accordance with the laws that constitute Australia`s social security law, as amended from time to time, and, for New Zealand, any pension, benefit, allowance or advance granted by a competent institution, including surcharges resulting from the payment of benefits from Australia and New Zealand. No one is entitled to a disability pension under this agreement unless they have accumulated a total of more than 10 years of stay in Australia and/or New Zealand. The agreement helps people living in Australia and New Zealand who have spent part of their working lives in the other country apply for a (partial) pension from both countries. There is no provision in New Zealand legislation that would allow the amount of the Australian benefit or annuity to be disreeddable in determining the amount of the New Zealand benefit or pension payable. You must apply for a pension or pension within four weeks of leaving the NCB. You should check the application forms from your local hub or call Centerlink International Services. When a person is entitled to a New Zealand supplementary pension or a veteran`s pension under section 6, the New Zealand pension rate or the veteran pension in paragraph 1 is calculated, but the amount to which the person is entitled cannot exceed the amount of the Australian Old Age Pension that would be payable to that person if he was entitled to an Australian old-age pension but was not entitled to a New Zealand old-age pension or a veterans` pension. Any pension received in a third country is not included in the assessment of the pension and is deducted directly from the Australian pension rate. Be sure to keep copies of all your bank details, as they can display the gross Australian pension amounts required for tax purposes.

If your partner receives a New Zealand benefit such as Jobseeker Support or Supported Living Payment, an excess amount will be deducted from your partner`s benefit in New Zealand. The rules governing international agreements are complex. You should talk to us to clarify your individual situation. may only qualify for a benefit outside Australia or New Zealand if it is entitled to that benefit under a reciprocal social security contract received by the party who paid the benefit with that third country. To qualify for benefits such as Newstart Allowance and Youth Allowance, as well as payments such as parental and care allowances, individuals must have been in Australia for two years as Australian residents. With respect to pensions, including the old age pension and disability pension, individuals must have been Australian residents for a period of 10 years or more (including at least five of them for an uninterrupted period) before being eligible. The disability pension can be used immediately if the disability that causes the work disability (one of the eligibility criteria) while a person was established in Australia. The social security agreements between the two countries date back to 1948.

The last agreement was signed in 2001, so it was time to verify it, follow legislative and terminology changes, and correct some existing anomalies. New Zealand has a social security agreement with Australia. As part of the agreement, former Australian residents living in New Zealand have the following benefits and pensions: Hello Fran, thanks for your comments and apologies for the delay in reply.