Arc Standard Grant Agreement

9.11. Contributions from the partner organization must be expressed in Australian dollars and, subject to these guidelines, be paid at the specified level, regardless of currency fluctuations. 11.27. We are aware that unexpected events can influence the progress of a project. Under these conditions, you can request a change to your grant agreement, including: 11.29. If you wish to propose changes to the grant agreement, you must present us with an amendment to the grant agreement (variation) in RMS. D2.3 DAATSIA Salary funding may be requested for one of the five salary brackets shown in Table 10, including salary costs based on wages. At the reference date of the grant opportunity, the level of pay must be either equal to the salary level of the ICR or higher. H.

The CEO will make recommendations to the Minister that can decide which requests for assistance will be accepted. 12.1. If successful, your grant will be listed on grantConnect`s website 21 calendar days after the effective date, in accordance with Section 5.3 of the GMCS. 5.5. The designated participants are individual researchers who are nominated for the roles identified for each scholarship opportunity. 13.2. They must submit reports in accordance with the grant agreement. The reports should tell us about RMS. 4.5. Linkage Projects` scholarship opportunity supports projects that initiate or develop strategic long-term research alliances to apply advanced knowledge to problems, acquire new knowledge and acquire it as a basis for ensuring the commercial and other benefits of research. 8.12.

You must attach to the application form the documents to be followed in these issuance directives, form or instruction. You should only attach the requested documents. We will not take into account information in the appendices that we will not ask for. the Australian government`s entire government information system provides an information system that centralizes the publication and reporting of Commonwealth scholarships in accordance with the CGRG. The Commonwealth of Australia, represented by the Australian Research Council, as defined in these guidelines, includes, where appropriate, its officers, collaborators, contractors and agents. 9.23. CRA law states that the Minister must not approve a grant for an application that is not 4.2. Table 1: Grant for each Discovery 11.21 grant opportunity.

The grant offer sets the amount approved for this project or, as we do, according to the grant agreement. d. all the specific conditions to be included in the grant agreement; and 9.24.