Affiliate Partner Agreement Template

Affiliate agreements are where another party sells products on behalf of another company. Affiliate marketing is a very common practice in which a website hosts a product just to take a percentage of the total selling price. Below are some important aspects to be respected through agency and affiliate agreements: After the end or expiry, you will immediately stop using our brand and refer to this affiliate program from your (s) site (s) and other guarantees. In order to avoid any doubt, the termination or expiry of this agreement will not result in the termination of a customer`s subscription contract. A converted lead is a lead sent directly by the Affiliate to the distributor, resulting in a specific sale or action. Some leads may not lead to a sale or purchase, in which case the trader might not want to pay for an unreverted lead. This affiliation agreement stipulates that a commission is payable only for a converted lead. U.S. affiliation agreements are governed by specific federal laws and national laws that cover general treaty principles such as education and mutual understanding.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) oversees the disclosure of subsidiaries. “Affiliation policies” refer to guidelines for affiliates, which we can provide to you from time to time. Another important aspect of the treaty concerns the terms of its assets. For example, is the affiliate in the program only because they signed the contract? Or do they need to take other training or certification to be part of the program? Can the Affiliate leave the program at any time or can the recruitment company terminate the affiliate contract at any time? Are there any restrictions, compensation or other considerations regarding the termination of these contracts? An affiliate is someone who sells products or services to others on behalf of your company. One can almost imagine it as an extended distribution force of third parties, with which one does not have a formal working relationship, but with which one pays in the first place only on the basis of commissions. Sales and affiliate relationships are very common throughout history and are increasingly common in the digital age, with the dissemination of blogs, social media, streaming, live casting and other means of individuals who produce content and build an audience around it. Remember that an affiliate can be either an individual or a business. Similarly, the person who hires the related companies can be either an individual or a business. Although the mix of who hires, that does not change the basic affiliate agreement much, it is important to know exactly who you are in an affiliation relationship with, because this determines for whom the contract is made.